Chilli Grow Kit

Everything You Need To Cultivate Your Super Hot Chilli Peppers!

Chilli Pepper Grow Kits are becoming more and more popular: Chillies are very rewarding plants to grow - they look great and can produce large crops.

Out the most popular amongst hot chilli pepper lovers, is the Capsicum Chinense variety, commonly known as “Yellow Lantern Chilli”:  the Capsicum Chinense is indeed famous for its exceptional heat and includes some of the hottest cultivars on earth, from the legendary Red Savina, Scotch Bonnet and Trinidad Scorpion to the Bhut Jolokia and all the Habanero varieties. Other popular Chinense varieties include the Congo Pepper, Rocotillo, Jamaican Hot, Bonda Man Jacques, Adjuma, Red Dominica, Goat Pepper and Datil.  Although the plants as well as the pod types are vary tremendously in this species, these chillies are characterised by their distinct fruity aroma, which has been described as being similar to that of apricot. Hot pepper-lovers are passionate about the ultra spicy peppers in this species, each with their own attributes and heat levels. Grown for their fiery flavour and fruity aroma, this species is mostly associated with the cuisines of Mexico and the Caribbean. Chinense, literally translated means ‘from China’, which is far from correct. This species originated in the Amazon Basin and is native to the Caribbean Islands, the Yucatan region and Central America. Interestingly, while this species is reputed for its hotter-than-hot varieties, it also includes a few varieties such as the Nu Mex Suave and the Trinidad Perfume, which are mild but aromatic. 

Grow bumper harvests of chillies with our Chilli grow Kits: our kits contains everything you need to grow healthy plants laden with ripe spicy and hot fruit.

Growing your Chilli pepper at home has never been so easy!

Our germination kit are incredibly useful for those who first approach to the indoor chilli growing: afterwards, once reached the right season and temperatures, you can easily transfer your baby plants outdoor.

BASIC and PRO kits

You can select between 2 kits type, a more basic one for the newbies who are willing to explore the chilli growing world and a more complete one for Hot Chilli professionals. Each kit can be tailor to your needs and you can individually select what to include or exclude: for any doubt, question or any additional information you may require,  please call or simply write an email: we will be happy top help! Inside the BASIC kit you will finds all the necessary tools to start with your first professional growth, while in the PRO kit, you will have a wider selection of equipment to cultivate at their best your super-hot chillies. According to the chosen kit, we have selected for you the relevant and most appropriate nutrients to help the chilli peppers in reaching their full and hottest potential.

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