Chilli Grow Soil Kit (4 Plants)



Chilli Grow Soil Kit PH Controlled + pots: a complete kit for the critical transplanting step to healthy pepper plants and bountiful harvests.
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20 Lt of 100% Organic Soil Mix, sterilised and PH controlled

Would you like starting your own Chilli Growing using the world hottest Chilli Peppers plants such as the Carolina Riper, the Trinidad Scorpion Butch T or the Naga Viper, Habanero Chocolate, Jalapeno and so on?

You are on the right page! Thanks to this kit for Hot Chilli Growth, you can fill your pots with professional and certified soil by RHP, sterilized to prevent mould and bacteria that could damage your plants.

Whether you purchase plants or nurse your own plants along from seed, the transplanting step is critical to healthy pepper plants and bountiful harvests. After successful transplanting, peppers will normally thrive with a minimum of care.

This Chilli Grow Soil kit has been put together for an 8 plant cultivation but you can easily add more soil or pots, according to your needs or even buy two kits. 

Click here if you are looking for Chilli Grow specific products: inside this section you will find a variety and wide range of precious products to prevent bacteria, moulds or diseases.

Atami Bio Grow Mix is an organically fertilized soil with a rather airy structure and free from harmful fungi, RHP certified.


How is composed this soil mix for growing hot chilli?

Composition of Atami Bi-Growmix, 100% organic:

  • sphagnum peat moss
  • blonde sphagnum peat moss
  • coco fibres
  • mineral lime
  • NPK 12-14-24 fertilizer.
  • Dry matter on crude product (DM): 19.5%
  • Organic matter (OM): 91.5% of DM
  • Conductivity: 40 mS/m
  • Water retention capacity: 1,440 ml/l
  • pH (H2O): 6
  • 1.5 kg per m3 of an NPK 12-14-24 fertilizer
  • Coco fibre originating from Sri Lanka


Inside the Chilli Grow Soil kit

This Chilli kit includes:

  • 100% Organic Soil Mix Atami Bi-Growmix, 20Lt
  • 4 pots, 6.5Lt each - 18x18x23cm
  • 4 Square saucer 
  • 5 Plant Labels

The "Chilli Grow Soil Kit (4 Plants) " includes:

Plant Labels (5 pz.)

Yellow plastic Plant Labels

Atami Bio Grow Mix Soil 20L

Atami Bio Grow Mix 20L is an organically fertilized soil with a rather airy structure and free from harmful fungi.

Square Pot 6,5L - 18x18x23cm (4 pz.)

By using square pots, you can really make the most of your floor space and avoid the wasted “in-between” space that is inevitable when using round pots.

Square saucer for 18L pots (4 pz.)

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