Growing Media: Choose The Ideal Substrate From Rockwool, Clay Pebble, Perlite And Soil

Substrates In Hydroponic Cultivation

The substrate represents a layer or surface on which a typical hydroponic plant lives. In hydroponic cultivations clay pebbles and perlite are used massively. Like all substrate media, these are used to grow the plant in and supply air to the roots.

Indoor cultivation

To cultivate indoor the ideal substrate must be used relative to the stage of the plants life cycle. A synthetic substrate, like Rockwool, is more indicated for the germination, whilst substrates such as coco or soil should be used for the cultivation.

Choose from hundreds of substrates

In our Grow shop other than perlite and clay pebbles, you will find all the other hydroponic substrates such as: rockwool, guano and specific soils.

Click on "Clay Pebbles - Hydrokorrels" then on the manufacturer to choose the best substrate for you indoor cultivation.

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