How To Organize Your Harvest, Dry Out, Cure And Extract?

The Best Tools For The Final Stages Of Your Plants

After a few months of care and attention, we finally arrived at the last stage of the autoflowering and/or not-autoflowering plants life cycle in indoor growing, or rather the delicate stages of the harvesting, drying and extraction of essential oils (for well-experienced growers).

In this section, you will find the best professional equipment on the market to enable you to obtain the best results and do not waste a single leaf of your hydroponic indoor growing.

In this guide you will also find some valuable and useful advice in order to make the right tool choice: moreover, scrolling down the page, you can select among the best equipment such as:

Balsamic phase: best time for the harvest

Respecting the balsamic phase of aromatic plants is one of the best practices for getting the best out of all active ingredients of plants, including autoflowering ones. In other words, it is the most suitable period for picking up aromatic species as the active ingredients are at their peak production. It is also good for the harvest to happen in specific moments of the day or even following the moon phases, depending on the variety of the species to pick up.

The drying is a slow process that requires care and patience

How can we dry our autoflowering plants by maintaining the characteristics after the balsamic phase? Generally speaking, the basic ingredient for a good drying is patience (we have to withstand for about 3 weeks or more) coupled with some technical details which help to achieve a great outcome of the process. We should not forget that our picked up flowers will still be fresh and full of sap so that our first and "fundamental" advice, is to keep our harvest in total darkness and immersed into a moisture level of about 40% which will help to prevent the creation of unpleasant mildew. Another thing is that the place where the drying process will be realized should preferably be ventilated but not hermetically closed. Once you have followed these simple but important rules, you should only be patient and wait for more or less 3 weeks.

How to extract the active ingredient from therapeutic leaves

Once the flowers are dried, the extraction phase will come! We can indulge ourselves with the creation of infusions and oils by using various techniques and various products you will find in this complete section for all types of extractions of autoflowering and regular plants .

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