Complete Indoor Cultivation Kit

Our Kit Already Ready To Use And Complete Of Everything You Need To Cultivate Indoors

Our Complete Kit for indoor growing have been designed to give even to the most inexperienced grower the possibility to grow indoors without the need to purchase other additional tools. Kits are ready to grow, it is enough to put the power plug and start.

Choose the cultivation method you like the most

Within our indoor kit you can find all the solutions of each substrate to grow DIY at home, our kit:

  • for soil cultivation , the most classic of solutions for growing both indoors and outdoors;
  • for hydroponic cultivation, the soilless cultivation technique most used by those who want to get the best out of their plants because it is simple and very effective;
  • to grow your own plants in coconut fiber, anyone who wants to grow without soil this is a perfect solution in an inert medium that lends itself well to the cultivation DIY at home;The last kit we offer are the ones to grow in aeroponics, the indoor growing technique that better allows the root oxygenation of the plants, giving outstanding results.

The Tools Inside

As we have already mentioned, inside you will find all the essential tools to grow your plants without other needs, you just have to choose the kit according to the number of plants you want to look after:

  • Indoor lighting: complete hps lamp with hps ballast and reflector to get the minimum loss of light and focus it on the plants;
  • Fertilizers and PH: fertilizer for the growth phase (including the root stimulator) and the flowering stage, also a ph liquid test and a "corrector ph-less";
  • Potting components: it varies according to the chosen technique of cultivation, soil, hydro, coco fiber or aeroponics.
  • Timer for timing light;
  • Guide to the Cellmax Cultivation;
  • Instructions.
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