Soil Grow Box

For All Plants Even The Autoflowering Ones!

The kits with grow box included represent a final, simple and fast way to successfully grow your indoor plants and make your garden at home, especially the autoflowerings.

What is included

Our complete soil kits are designed to further enrich our proposals for indoor growing with elements of best quality. These kits come directly from our section "Complete Grow Kit" and a grow room is added to the pasckage depending on the size of the kit, selected by our experts.

Indoor Kits including Grow Rooms with Best Italy Prices

All our packages give guaranteed results for soil growing. For each wattage (150w, 250w, 400w and 600w) there is a BASIC choice and a PRO choice. Both solutions are designed to produce professional results with the difference that the PRO is recommended for experienced growers. Choosing one of these packages to cultivate means to have near-at-hand a ready solution in few minutes and chosing among the best options on the market with the best prices in Italy.

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