Indoor Growing Kit In Coco Fiber

Biological Substrate Which Respects The Nature

The Coco fiber is one of the most practical and efficient substrates on which to grow: it is light, well ventilated and oxygenated, it has an excellent drainage, stable pH, retains moisture and is ecological and recyclable.

It does not contain any nutritional values therefore it is essential to irrigate from the beginning with specific fertilizers for coco to match with a super enzyme in order to contrast the decompositon of organic material, to stimulate the soil life, increase the assimilation of nutrients, and allow the fiber reuse.

How to Grow in coco?

If you want to find out the growing techniques in coco fiber, with Coco Block.

What is the coco fiber for horticulture?

The coco fiber comes from the mesocarp of the plant nut itself, not from the shell but from the fibrous package, which is a waste away product. A palm tree produces about twelve fruits per year, therefore, considering that, tropical countries count billions of plants, we can easily understand the extraordinary capacity of these regions, where you can find huge amounts of fibrous casings to be allocated to the production process of the fiber for horticulture. In short, the coconut fiber comes from industrial waste and is processed to produce blocks for cultivation.

COCO: Non-toxic natural fiber

No toxicity was found from the use of this substrate, as well as the presence of weed seeds and pathogens for the plants, this makes it the best one among the inert substrates for cultivation.

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