Full Pallet Cellmax Universal Soil 50L (70 Pcs)



Cellmax Universal Soilmix is composed of top quality of peat, perlite and fertilizers. This pre-fertilized soil has enough nutrients for the first 5 weeks of growth and is pH stable during the whole c...
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Famous Cellmax Universal Soil for plants

A pallet of CellMax Universal Soilmax 50L includes 70 bags

Product Features:
•Pre-fertilized soil with a balanced amount of nutrients for the first 5 weeks of growth stage.
•Has a stable pH and an airy structure.
•Contains: Garden peat, brown peat, sphagnum peat, milled peat, coarse perlite and organic/mineral fertilizers
•pH (H2O) 5,0-6,5
•EC 1.19 mS/cm



Product list Cellmax
Manufacturer Cellmax
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