Ph/Ec/Umidity/°C Meters And Monitors

What Are Meters And Monitors Used For?

A meter helps to maintain under control various parameters.

The Ph meter indicates the acidity of the soution used in your indoor cultivation.The conductivity meter (EC) monitors the salinity of the nutrients.

The hygrometer measures the humidity of the ambiente to cultivate in. Finally the thermometer and dosage equipment are domesticaly used and already know.

Checking the acidity and conductivity:Ec and Ph meter

These two meters are fundamental in indoor cultivation. The Ph meter keeps the levels of acidity and alkalinity in the water under control to avoid any harm to the plant. The conductivity meter is needed to view if
you are using the correct doses of nutrients which can vary from plant to plant.

Measuring the humidity and temperature precisely

The meters found on are also used to control the humidity and that small fluxes dont show to be harmful for your cultivation area. You will also find thermometers to measure the temperature and variuos jugs, beakers and syringes to correctly measure out your nutrient levels.

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