Terra Aquatica By Ghe

General Hydroponics Is Recognized World Wide As One Of The Industry Standard Hydroponic Nutrient.

Terra Aquatica by GHE is recognized worldwide as one of the largest companies for the production of organic and mineral fertilizers for hydroponic and soil cultivation.

Founded in 1975 near San Francisco in California by a group of researchers and technicians, General Hydroponics is now recognized by the scientific community for the reliability and quality of its products, and for its innovative spirit. General Hydroponics was founded 35 years ago by Lawrence Brooke. For the realization of his first hydroponic system he was inspired by a mountain stream and growing plants. This is how General Hydroponics - GHE was born. Thanks to Lawrence's contacts with renowned chemists and botanists such as Cal Hermann during the UC Berkeley period in the 70s, he began his studies in the cultivation and control of PH, until he founded General Hydropnics based in North America , in Sonoma County, California. 

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