How To Rise Dioxide Levels?

Discover now How to Rise Dioxide Levels


How to rise dioxide levels? Integration of C02 quantity

Increasing CO2 levels is considered the largest secret weapon to boost your plant's growth and get an abundant harvest of fruits and flowers. Adding Co2 to your garden it is extremely beneficial for your garden.
You will increase growth rates and improve final results: plants will be better and more abundant. To achieve these results, it is not enough to have one cylinder of co2 and a related gauge. First, we need to have a garden with specific features. First and foremost, we analyse, in detail, a chemical level, the results, what processes we carry out and the causes of carbon dioxide, carbon and its composed molecules.
It is essential to plan for creating new organic cells. Plants need light to grow, especially ultraviolet rays. From this, plants draw the necessary energy to carry the process of chlorophyll photosynthesis. This is an important process behind the life of each plant species, and it requires two particular elements:

1. A certain amount of light
2. A sufficient amount of co2 providing the necessary carbon atoms that plant uses for the formation of new organic matter.

Plants have an ability that human beings and animals don’t have. They are able to transform carbon into an organic substance. Through the process of chlorophyll photosynthesis from carbon dioxide(co2), plant separates the carbon molecule (C) from the oxygen (O), which is released into the air, while using the molecule organic carbon (C) to carry out some chemical processes which transforms elements into nutrients and produces new organic material.

To transform carbon into an organic substance some types of enzymes must have a precise capacity. These have a maximum speed reaction that increases in proportion with the concentration of co2 in the air. Organic transformation speed increases in proportion with the volume of co2, however, coming to a limit beyond which these enzymes cannot go. When these enzymes come to their maximum amount, increasing the amount of co2 won’t get any precise results because the enzymes have already reached the apex of organic transformation possible.

The only way to make sure that adding co2 to transform is by increasing the number of enzymes. We have previously seen that plants - through the light - draw the necessary energy to ensure the photosynthesis process. To get that co2 we add the organic transformation as the enzymes have a maximum reaction speed beyond which they cannot go, it is wise to have a good amount of light. So, the first essential and crucial order of the co2 we add to be organically transformed is to have a lamp with enough wattage. To make sure they have the right outcome we must have at least a 400W power light. When carbon dioxide is low in the leaf, plants can't go on with the photosynthesis process.

How to increase dioxide levels?

To properly provide co2 we must have the following items:
1.    CO2 bottle.
2.    Pressure reducer/pressure gauge with end valve.
3.    Software for calculating the daily supply.
4.    Electro-valve for controlling opening and closing of the CO2 plant.
5.    Digital Temperature timer C02 plant.
Therefore, the correct integration of Co2 will undoubtedly give great results but let us have no influence as these operations are reserved for expert growers!

co2 bottle


co2 software



co2 pressure reducer


co2 solenoid valve


Length of the grow room Meters or fraction of meters
Width of the grow room Meters or fraction of meters
Height of the grow room Meters or fraction of meters
CO2 to add in PPM
(Parts per milion)


Flow setting
Genereted values in CMH
(Cubic Meter per Hour)

Under meters values appears also values expressed in feet (CFH - Cubic Feet per Hour)
The co2 bottle provided with this kit has a stream of 0.0050 feet per second, therefore we have to open the valve for the amount of seconds desplaied ; values: HH:MM:SS

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