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We are a Europe based Hydroponics Grow Shop offering a huge selection of indoor plant lighting, hydroponic grow systems, hydro and organic horticultural supplies, grow light, growbox, other grow-room equipment, plant growing, indoor growing gardening accessories.

Hydroponics.eu is the first online grow shop in Europe, active since 2000, which has the largest catalog of products dedicated to hydroponic, aeroponic and traditional cultivation, both indoor and outdoor. On our e-commerce and in physical stores located in the largest cities - it is possible to find products and equipment of the highest quality: from grow boxes of all sizes to accessories to set them up, from light kits to fertilizers and nutrients, without forgetting of course the hydroponic systems, products for temperature, humidity, pH control as well as electrical conductivity meters, but also pots, mini-greenhouses, containers for every cultivation need and all that is needed to cultivate in a simple way and with the best results. Hydroponics and aeroponics have come a long way in the last few years. They are a simple, reliable way of growing plants and far more consistent and easier than growing in soil. Hydroponics.eu is the grow shop dedicated to the world of cultivation at 360 degrees, where you can find products and equipment of proven efficiency, but also guides, videos and manuals that illustrate the tools and techniques for growing indoor. The in-depth articles and guides are all designed and produced by experienced professionals in the sector, in order to answer the most frequently asked questions by growers and fans of indoor and outdoor gardening. Growing in hydroponics is the best method to have great satisfaction and excellent harvests even in small environments. Moreover, the Hydroponics team - thanks to the high professionalism and the long experience in the sector - is able to guarantee constant assistance even after the sale, in order to respond - quickly and comprehensively - to all customer doubts. Consult all the sections of the Hydroponics.eu online growshop, discover the products and contact us for any doubt!
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