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Hesi Starterbox Coco is a complete nutrients and boosters kit for coco ground cultivations
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Nutritions and boosters kit for Coco Coir

Hesi Starterbox Coco is a complete kit for cultivation in hydroponic systems. Starterbox Coco contains all necessary nutrients and boosters for a crop in coconut substrate from A to Z.

What's included in Hesi Starterkit Coco

In addition to be extremely inexpensive Hesi Starterbox Coco includes:

  • 500ml PK 13/14: offers Phosphorus and Potassium to flowering plants in hydro and coco substrate. During flowering plants need a higher phosphorous and potassium intake
  • 500ml TNT Complex : a mineral fertilizer for the growth phase of plants, enriched by microelements that guarantee a healthy and rapid plant growth. TNT Complex is produced with high purity raw materials that ensure rapid and total absorption. The content of organic nitrogen (urea) promotes assimilation without increasing EC levels
  • 1l Hesi - Coco: a specific fertilizer for growth and flowering in coconut fiber crops, enriched with microelements to stimulate plant growth and flowering
  • 500ml Root Complex: guarantees a thicker stem and a stronger radical structure quickly. It stimulates the maximum colonization of healthy substrate microorganisms. Ideal for mother plants and cuttings
  • 500ml Power Zyme: stimulates root plant activity, reduces root fragments and transforms organic matter into elements that can be reused by the plant
  • 10ml Super Vit: a concentrate of 15 vitamins and 10 amino acids that improve the metabolism and health of the plant, ensuring more vigorous growth and richer bloom

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