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Hesi Starterbox Hydro is a complete kit of nutrients and boosters for hydroponic cultivation.
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Nutrients and Potentiators Hydroponics Kit

Hesi's Starterbox Hydro is a complete kit for hydroponic systems cultivation. The Hydro Starterbox contains all the necessary nutrients and boosters for a Hydroponics from A to Z.

What does Hesi Starterkit Hydro include?

In addition to be extremely inexpensive, Hesi starterkit Hydro includes:

  • 500ml PK 13/14: offers Phosphorus and potassium to flowering plants grown in Hydro and Coco systems. During flowering the plants need a higher amount of phosphorus and potassium
  • 1l Hydro Growth: a specific fertilizer for hydroponic crops, enriched in stimulating micro-elements to develope plant's growth
  • 1l Hydro Bloom: a specific fertilizer for flowering plants in hydroponic crops, high concentration of phosphorus and potassium
  • 500ml Root Complex: assures a thicker stem and a stronger radical structure quickly. It stimulates the maximum colonization of healthy substrate microorganisms. Ideal for mother plants and cuttings
  • 500ml Power Zyme: stimulates plant's root activity, reduces root fragments and transforms organic matter into elements that can be reused by the plant
  • 10ml Super Vit: a concentrate of 15 vitamins and 10 amino acids that improve metabolism and health of plants, ensuring more vigorous growth and richer bloom

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