How To Calculate The Electrical Costs Of Indoor Lamps: Hps, Led And Cfl

With our tool, automatically confront the electrical consumptions of Indoor lamps: Led, Hps, Cfl and Agro

Calculating The Electrical Costs of Led Lamps, HPS, CFL and Agro for Indoor Cultivation.

How to Calculate the Consumption Of an HPS, Led o Cfl

If you want to know how to calculate the electrical costs of an indoor grow lamp, such as hps lamps or led lamps, you in the right place!

We have created a free “tool” to calculate the electricity bill on the basis of the consumption of the indoor lamp which you are interested in and we have made it available for every online user.

To find out the consumption of your lamp, just insert in the cost per kw/h of energy of your electrical provider, then fill in the fields of watts of the lamp chosen and hours of continuous light , calculating both the costs during the growth period and the costs during the flowering period, both daily and monthly

Our calculator can measure precisely also the consumption costs monthly of the eletricty used by Agro lamps and energy saving lamps for grow boxes and all watts.125w, 250w, 400w, 600w, and  1000w.

Hydroponics provides for all growers the calculator tool for electricity bills and costs, in a second you will view the electrical costs of your indoor cultivation.

Calcolo consumi e costi energetici

Cost KW/h  
Quantity Watt Hours/Day N° Days
Lighting in growing period
Lighting in flowering period
Other lighting

Total KWh:
Daily Cost: