How To Choose The Extractor Fan

Choose the fan using the calculator utility, view air exchanges per hour and cubic meters

How to Choose the Extractor Fan: For Indoor Growing, smoke extraction, hot and humid air treatment

If you don’t know how to choose your extractor fan and you want to know the sum of cubic meters(quantity of meters cubed of air) and number of air exchanges needed for a correct  air extraction cycle, you’re in the right place!

With our simple tool you can find in a few clicks the characteristics of your extraction kit for forced ventilation and choose the extractor fan to meet your needs from the vast selection of models.

The calculator tool for air exchange necessary for your  forced extraction and ventilation systems was created to simplify the sum of meters cubed of air necessary to correctly ventilate your room.

For the calculation simply:

  • insert length, height and width of the environment (to calculate the meters cubed)
  • select the type of environment (to estimate the number of air exchanges needed)

The tool will provide the estimate of cubic meters per hour required and therefore the capacity needed for the extraction kit.

The calculator provided estimates parameters for: grow box, grow room, bathrooms, medical clinics, veterinary clinics, garages, auto repair, steam baths, galvanic baths, banks, bars, cafes, bars, libraries, cabinets, basements, carpentry, cinemas, hospitals, tanneries, printing shops, home kitchens, restaurants, nightclubs, household showers, dormitories, woodworking, foundries, household toilets, ice cream shops, department stores, analysis laboratories, workshops, laundries, libraries, basements, warehouses, canteens, museums, shops, animals, shops in general, gyms, bakeries , hairdressers, swimming pools, pizza, chicken coops, restaurants, takeaways, dance halls, conference rooms, pool halls, game rooms, waiting rooms, operating rooms, lounges household, schools,  changing rooms , factories, stables, ironing facilities, medical offices, supermarkets, eateries, theatres, dry cleaners, printers, public toilets, restaurants, offices, post offices, painting labs.

Calculation for air flow exchanges and extractor fan capacity

Unit of measure

Room size
XX m

Room volume

Type of room/environment

N° of Air exchanges

Air capacity m3/h

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