Inline Extractors And Fans

Air Extractors: Choose Yours Among The Wide Range We Offer

Professional Fans / Air extractors of different diameters suitable for environments of any size. Essential for air circulation, for pulling out the excessive heat and humidity.

The air extractors prevent the formation of mold and mildew. Here it is your complete Guide to the choice of your air extractor. Check out our Volume Calculator in order To Choose the Air Extractor that best suits to you. Blauberg air extractors are designed for indoor greenhouses and are extremely silent and long-lasting! 3 Years Warranty. It's appropriate to use aluminum ducts to get close to the lamp and then immediately inhale the hot air produced by the bulb. The air extractor can be chosen depending on the size of the growing environment and the type of lamp by following this explanatory guideline:

Enviroment Volume x 70 = Necessary SAir Flow

Example: 2x1mt environment; 2m height = 2x1x2 x70 = 280m3 extractor fan

 Our air extractors are:

  • Pre-wired with cable and plug.
  • With balanced engine to minimize the vibrations.
  • With an assembled engine on ball bearings.
  • With thermal protection.

There are different types of extractors:

  • Centrifugal Air Extractors
  • Axial Air Extractors
  • Helical Extractors

View a tipycal grow room set up: Click Here. 

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