Ozonizers And Air Ionizers

Neutralize Odours While Growing Bigger Plants

There is much confusion in the air purifier market about the difference between ozone generators and ionizers. Let us help to clarify the differences. 

Ionizers: they are generally the same as a typical air purifier in that they have several layers of filtration to clean your indoor air. They differ in the fact that they attach negatively charged ions onto positively charged dust and allergen particles. By attaching to the dust, the negatively charged ions cause the particles to drop out of the air in front of your ionizer unit. This element of an ionizer’s air filtering process means you'll need to vacuum the floor around the unit frequently. Ionizers sometimes produce excess ozone as well.

Ozone Generators: Ozone is a gas that occurs naturally in our atmosphere. Nearer to ground level, ozone is created when air pollutants expelled from power plants, cars, etc., react chemically to the sunlight. An ozonizer is a type of air or water purifier which uses ozone to kill bacteria and filter out a wide range of contaminants.  Ozone safely alters the molecular structure of offensive micro-organisms, to eliminate odour: the creation of ozone does eliminate smell or smoke odours. In fact, when ozone is released in your home or indoor grow box or grow tent,  it will smell just like it does after a thunderstorm, fresh and clean.  

Hydroponics & Ozone Treatment

Many Hydroponics gardeners have experienced problems with plant odour, mould, mildew, and even mites that contaminate the air. One solution used or considered for use against this problem is an ozone generator. Ozone, when properly used, is the most effective, dependable method of odour elimination as well as to control bacteria, virus, fungus, algae, and organic matter in water.
An ozone generator releases ozone (O3) into the indoor gardening area eliminating plant odours. However, some people may have questions over the safety of ozone generators indoors.
If you have a Hydroponics indoor grow room, an ozone generator may be the most cost effective solution as compared to other types of air purification systems. The generators are very energy efficient and economical to use. They are also small and easy to fit into practically any type of grow room configuration. Ozone generators are available in a wide range of sizes to handle both large and small indoor /outdoor grow rooms.

The benefits of ozone to hydroponics

  • The elimination of H2S
  • The increase in oxygen levels
  • The elimination of microbes, algae and root born pathogens including powdery mildew, Fusarium and Pythium
  • Savings on chemical fertilisers
  • Higher crop yields.
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