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Hydroponic Nutrients: Choose From A Vast Selection

Hydroponic nutrients are composed of specific levels of Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus. They also contain vitamines and minerals to help the flowers develop to their maximum size.

The CELLMAX line of nutrients, compared to normal nutrients are highly concentrated and must be used with care.

On the other hand, when cultivating with organic nutrients (lower concentration) typically used in biological agriculture, attention must be paid as these nutrients tend to block tubes and sprayers.
This is due to the fact that Bio nutrients have "larger" particles than highly concentrated nutrients.

Nevertheless, the research made by GENERAL HYDROPONICS, one of the major world wide companies in hydroponic nutrient production, has overcome the obstacle. General Hydroponics has developed a line of products ideal for Bio cultivations with two advantages:

  •  Strong assimilability which allows high absorbtion levels of the nutrients on behalf of the plants.
  •  High solubility which avoids the particles of the nutrients getting trapped towards the bottom and rotting.

All Hydroponic nutrients and additives are conceieved to obtain maximum risults according to the specific needs of the cultivation.

Search to now for the best nutrients to suit your needs!

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