CellMax Flower Power - 10L

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Cellmax Flower Power, plant stimulator: plants needs nutrients, such as a balanced amount of trace elements, vitamins and amino acids. Flower Stimulator is a natural nutritional supplement based on a careful selection of these nutrients. The complex molecular composition leads to effective absorption of all nutrients, which is good for the general health of the plant. The special amino acids increase the surface area of the membranes in the chloroplasts, which increases the photosynthesis activity. In turn, this allows the plant to make more effective use of the available light and increases the production of natural sugars, which are the building blocks of the fruit. This eventually results in a better crop. Flower Stimulator also improves the plant's resistance to disease and pests. The plant grows stronger and is therefore better protected against harmful insects. The best results will be booked in combination with Cellmax nutrients and additives.

Remember to store the bottle in a cool, dark place.

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Hydroponics Yes
Soil Yes
Flower Stimulator Yes
Organic Nutrinets Yes
Coco Yes
Manufacturer Cellmax
Bloom Yes
Growth No

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