Cellmax Nutrients

Nutrients And Fertilizers From Cellmax

The Cellmax feedings are composed with the very best raw materials and provided with a sophisticated N.P.K.-proportion. The sophisticated N.P.K. proportion prevents the yellowing of the plants and provides a maximum fruit yield until the end of the blossoming phase. 

Tap water contains many useful nutrients. One third of the nutrients used by the plant come from our tap water. Cellmax uses all these valuable elements and the buffering capacity of tap water to prevent the excessive accumulation of salts, which are damaging for the plant. The Cellmax products can be stocked for a long time, and their quality is guaranteed by the lightproof packing. 

The colour of the Cellmax feedings is clear and they dissolve immediately, therefore not causing malfunctions in pipes and irrigation installations. The Cellmax feedings are highly concentrated and must be dosed carefully.


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