Fans & Filters: Everything Necessary For Complete Air-Climate Control

Fans, or air extractor fans are indespensable for extracting hot air and letting cool fresh air in to your cultivation area. Infact, plants use photosynthesis using up carbon dioxide which increases the heat levels.
Also, indoor lighting is often used in an enclosed area (like a grow box) which produces further heat. Therefore, it is necessary to use air extractor fans to avoid overheating in the cultivation area, leading to the plants burning and drying out.CHOOSING THE RIGHT EXTRACTOR FAN: THE CAPACITY
An extractor fan should be chosen, overall for its capacity.To calculate the capacity multiply the volume of the grow room by 75.
For example, if you choose a simple vortex type fan this would be the calculation: Height x Width x Length x 75 = The capacity.


Other than the extractors, in this section you can find all the other items for climate control. For example there are various types of ventilators and fans, which must be specific and adapt to the size of the cultivation area. Other items include, carbon filter, ducting and all the accessories necessary to personalize your fans. With proper precautions and with the correct extractor fan damage to you cultivation will be avoided and flourishing harvest will be appreciated.Find the best air extractor fan for you climate control by clicking on the section below.

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