Inline Extractor Fans

Grow Room Inline and Silent Fans for Indoor Growing

Axial or Inline Extractor Fans

In this page we have collected the best axial extractor fans from the best brands such as Blauberg and Winflex, inline, silent and powerful air extractors for the forced ventilation of the indoor air for volumetric dimensions such as: Grow Boxes, residences, kitchens, blind bathrooms, bars, offices, indoor growing, shops, houses, garages, offices etc.

Main Features: The in line fans have as their main feature that of been directly installed in the intake conduct and exhaust which occur simultaneously so as to create a simple air transfer. These air extractors are recommended both to enter and to pull out air but they are not particularly suitable for transporting the air in the ducts.

How To Choose an Axial Air fan

Do you Want to know how to choose the axial fan among lots of models? Thanks to the simple calculator tool of you can discover with a few clicks which axial air extractor is best for you, specifying its volume (capacity) estimate and the necessary air exchanges.

Do you want to save money by choosing the same quality? Then choose from our complete kits for air intake.

Suitable Environment for Silent Fans

We offer helical extractors or fans perfect for environments such as: grow boxes, kitchens, for the steam baths and blind bathrooms, restaurants, offices, indoor growing, houses, shops etc.

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