Guano Kalong

Potent Mixture Of Elements For Plant Health, Root Development And Enhanced Flowering

Guanokalong has long been known to be a fantastic source of plant nutrition, offering a potent mixture of elements for plant health, root development and enhanced flowering. With a high phosphorous content (NPK 3:10:2) . Organic Bat Guano has a marked effect on flowering organic plants, leading to increased flower and fruit yields as well as sweeter tasting crops.

Guanokalong® and GK-Organics® are Femeg brand names; Femeg is a proud initiative from Dutch founder Egbert van Meggelen. Femeg collects the best resources from various parts of the world, and from the Netherlands, provides 100% organic products to meet the needs of people who want to be sure of the purity of their fertilisers and plant consumables, people throughout Europe who realize how important fertilisation is for the quality and flavour of plants and plant-based nutrition. Femeg has been a Control Union for Organic Input certified company since 2012.

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