Propagation: Begin Germination In The Best Way

The Plants Life Cycle: Germination

Germination is the first of the three stages of a plants life. The others are Growth and Flowering. The germination is a process of evolution which begins when there are ideal enviromental factors for the seed, these being humidity and temperature. In detail, the seed begins to absorb the water, this making it grow in size causing the rupture and opening of the surrounding coating.

Summerized, the seed opens and outcomes the root, indispensable for survival of the plant and the source of its nutrients .

Germinating seeds:

To germinate seeds, three tools are indespensible and typical in hydroponic cultivation

  • Mini air-propagator (where the seeds will germinate)
  • Rockwool cubes (at least one for each seed)
  • Root stimulator (the nutrient)

These three elements are essential for germination and must be used with care, as the seed germination is a very delicate moment in the plants cycle.Seed germination: start-up with the mini air-propagator In summary, for the germination a controlled enviroment is needed, with ideal temperature and humidity. This is obtained with the use of a mini air-propagator.

Every seed is then inserted in a single rockwool cube and finally the root stimulator is somministrated.

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