Buy The Best Grow Box For Your Indoor Cultivation Room

Get Maximum Privacy Using A Grow Box

A grow box is an enclosed structure, so called grow room, which is used to cultivate in a domestic environment in a secure and moderate way. The grow room consists of an aluminium structure, lightweight but solid, which can be assembled without the need of specific tools. The grow box tent covering is completely waterproof and isolated from air and light infiltration. The inside of the material is reflective to guarantee optimal and maximum light distribution.
When cultivating indoor, it is not always clear the selection of products you need to use in your box. Known the characteristics will help you to decide which box use it and what do you need to cultivate in a best way.


It comes technically predisposed with all the supports for the following products:

  • the reflector
  • the extractor fan
  • the carbon filter
  • ventilators
  • Other integrations and accessories

These characteristics guarantee the perfect set-up of the grow box. In the lower part, there is a grill for air access. The front zip opening guarantees an easy access for you plants maintenance. The boxes can have various sizes from 0,5mq to 18mq depending on the type of cultivation.


Look at this page, which explains where the different components need to be insert in an ideal grow room: go to Grow Room Setup. Instead, if you want to find your grow box straight away, read the details below and choose between 20 types and sizes!

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