Scrog Net - Secret Jardin

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Larger fruits and richer harvest

SECRET JARDIN - Net for Scrog 

The SCROG (Screen Of Green) system mesh produced by Secret Jardin is particularly useful for indoor cultivation where vertical spaces are limited. In fact, the Net helps the development of the horizontal plant, covering a greater illuminated surface, making the fruits larger and the harvest richer.

The SCROG net also supports the plant and its branches, preventing them from breaking due to weight, making it more stable and subjected to less stress.

Important tips:

A plant grown in the SCROG system requires a larger area of ​​lighting, it is therefore advisable to use a smaller number of pots to allow all branches to receive the right amount of light.
A good habit during the vegetative stage is to prune some internodes of the main stem, to ensure that the growth inhibitory hormones (auxins and giberellins) can redistribute themselves in the lateral branches. lower branches than higher ones.
The part underneath the net must always be checked so as not to let too much vegetation grow, inhibiting the filtering of light and thus avoiding the onset and proliferation of infestations and molds


Manufacturer Secret Jardin
Height 90 Cm
Width 90 Cm

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