Irrigation: From Pumps And Accessories To Reverse Osmosis Systems

Irrigation: Tools For Hydroponics And Gardening

Among the techniques and tools used in hydroponics, irrigation is present. Infact with the correct distribution of water gardening and hydroponics are made possible. If you already have an irrigation system, here you will find all you need to personalize your system; drippers, pvc tubes, control boxes and many more items. Just click on "irrigation" below and choose your items.

The ideal irrigation system!

If you are starting from scratch, then we advise the "Blumat" irrigation system with 12 drippers, 7meters of tube and all the necessary to get started.
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Reverse Osmosis: Fundamental in hydroponic irrigation

Reverse osmosis is the process of filtering water in order to purify it.It is used in irrigation and hydroponics to give low levels of salinity and ph to start your solution off, before adding nutrients or to give the plants a pure natural source of water.


Pumps are very useful in irrigation, they can be used to push water where needed and also oxygenate the water giving fast and stronger growth to the plants. Since in the photsynthesis process oxygen quickens the process.
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