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Growbox As Furnishing Accessories

HOMEBOX® Product Lines represents the ultimate in everything related to indoor cultivation. HOMEbox® has created the most advanced, elegant and functional portable blinds on the market.

The HOMEbox range

Ambient: The name Ambient makes the message clear, integrates the growbox into the living space for perfect indoor gardening with growing areas ranging from 0.09m2 up to 9m2 Vista: Like the environmental growth tents, Vista products have an elegant and modern shade of beige. This also allows them to be incorporated into the rooms of the house. They also have large windows so you can watch the crop without affecting the climate inside Evolution: The Evolution line will always be part of the HOMEbox® family. The three most popular models, Q100, Q120 and R240 in black color and with all the typical technical features of HOMEbox.

HomeLab: HomeLab has long been a first choice for growers who want an indoor garden that is quick to set up and comfortable to manage.

HOMEbox features

All HOMEbox models have an integrated solid base and feature the tried and tested HOMEbox® technical details made from the best materials available on the market. All the Homeboxes are integrated into the living space, they are elegant and easily combined with any furniture to allow you to grow and furnish at the same time and give an indoor gardening experience never seen before. HOMEbox tents are internally coated with super reflective PAR + with which it is possible to create a strongly illuminated cultivation area, but without having excess heat.

  • Originals: HOMEbox® was the growbox that has constantly led the growbox market with new innovative features
  • Totally Black-out: completely lightfast provide super protection against lights, without the hassle of flaps and velcro
  • OmniFlow air-vents: More airflow control with the patent-pending OmniFlow air-vents system gives growers superior climate control
  • PAR +: HOMEbox® intelligent fabric, the only growboxes with PAR + super reflective coating
  • Easy to assemble: easy to assemble, they are also compatible with a wide range of growing systems
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