Micro Growing Kit With Growbox

Indoor Growing With Mini Growbox

Micro Kit for indoor growing fully equipped with all necessary accessories to easily cultivate in small, controlled areas ( Micro Growing). The idea is to create an more practical and safe ambient for the Micro growers that usually use PC boxes and cases.

This technique, if properly followed, can be discrete as much as productive.

PC Grow Box VS Micro Growing

Compared to the pc grow box, "camouflage" but not very practical, the Micro Growing Kit offer a taller case than a normal PC and a high quality cover material specifically designed for indoor growing cultivation such as the high quality diamond diffusion mylar foil used for maximum light reflection, waterproof, Natural ventilation windows and everything you need for ventilation and easy cleaning. Moreover, the Fully Equipped kit with Grow box is easily assembled and it is possible to personalised it further according to each personal need. The Micro grow box can easily host a LED Apollo 4 by 130W ( impossible to use in a PC case…)



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