Bio Kit

How To Produce Organic Products At Home

Our complete Bio Kit include soil and 100% organic fertilizers that do not have any trace mineral or chemicals that can alter the natural content of vegetables, salads and fruits.

Organic farming is getting popular and required due to the proliferation of wild crops exclusively dominated by the logic of profit. Cultivating your favourite vegetables and fruit indoor using bilogical techniques means having always natural and guaranteed food for the everyday nutrition.

What is Organic Farming?

Organic farming means following a model of agricultural production that manages to avoid over-exploitation of natural resources, soil, water and air by using them in a pattern of sustainable development over time. Organic farming excludes the use of synthetic chemicals (pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides in general.). Selecting species of plants resistant to diseases and appropriate cultivation techniques provision is made for protectin the cultivation.

The best organic products for the soil

The cultivation on soil is the most classic techniques of cultivation and at the same time the simpliest one. However, to achieve worthy results the terrain also needs some attention, but it is enough to follow the basic rules of cultivation on soil in our guide.
Our products included in the Bio Kit have been selected from the best organic products on the market for indoor cultivation.

So Easy even for the Beginners

Inside you'll find only organic fertilizers and biological soils that provide a large harvest at the end of the plant cycle even to a novice grower. Our biological indoor kits are suitable for host any type of plant, and for those who practice the cuttings, just soak the cuttings in the root stimulator (among natural fertilizers included) and it's done!

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