Professional Aeroponic Kit

The Most Effective Cutiltivation Technique For The Plants

The indoor aeroponics is the technique that allows you to get the best results in terms of growth, development during the flowering and harvest stage. Discover why Aeroponic Cultivation is faster and how does it work. 


How does Aeroponic Cultivation work?

Below we will briefly illustrate how the Aeroponic Technique works, just click on the link below for a further analysis on How to Grow in Aeroponics. This cultivation technique involves growing of indoor plants without the soil need to hold and feed the roots. These latter are located in direct contact with the air while the plant is supported by net vessels filled with expanded clay or rock wool substrate. To absorb the nutrients, the roots are sprayed with nutrient solution sprayed through tiny ducts called "capillaries" which can be activated with an automatic timer. The nutrient solution consists of water enriched with natural fertilizers and dosed carefully to ensure the correct intake of trace elements that allow the plants to grow in a lush and strong way.

Why do plants grow faster?

How do we grow in Aeroponics? With this technique the seedlings grow faster than in hydroponics (a technique that already provides a development much faster than the soil). This rapid growth is due to the direct contact of bare roots with the air, this condition allows assimilation of microlements in fertilizers much more complete than the other two mentioned techniques. This results in an increase of growth, stability, flowering and fruiting of the plant.

The advantages of aeroponic culture:

  • The protected environment allows the plant to reduce to zero the chances of contracting pathogens, weeds;
  • As already mentioned, there is a considerable level of the root oxygenation that this technique allows;
  • High savings of water and substances which in each case is taken from the bottom of the tank and recirculated in the system.
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