Extraction Filtration Complete Kits

Hydroponic complete (air control kits) have been conceived to supply the correct selection of products for air extraction of your grow room, grow box, or other cultivation areas, with the application of a carbon filter to also neutralize odours.

Kit aspirazione aria
The kits are easy to install and complete of all the necessary components, making it possible to keep under control the temperature and humidity of your grow room, fundamental factors for the growth and yield of your plants.

Air Extraction Kit 10 cm
from 127,83€
  • BLAUBERG BI-Turbo 10cm + cable - 187m³/h
  • Prima Klima - Filter ECO line Ø10cm - max 360m3/h
  • Flexible Ducting aluminium diam. 10cm - 5mt
  • Clips 10cm
Air Extraction Kit 12,5 cm
  • Silenced Fan Blauberg BI-Turbo 12,5cm + cable - 280m³/h
  • Activated Carbon Filter - 12,5cm (400m3/h)
  • Flexible Ducting aluminium diam. 12,5cm - 5mt
  • Clips 12,5cm
Air Extraction Kit 15 cm
  • Blauberg BI-Turbo 15cm + cable - 520m³/h
  • Carbon Filter 15cm (500m3/h)
  • Flexible Ducting aluminium diam. 15cm - 5mt
  • Clips 15cm
Air Extraction Kit 20 cm
  • BLAUBERG BI-Turbo 20cm + cable - 1080m³/h
  • Carbon Filter 20cm (1030m3/h)
  • Flexible Ducting aluminium diam. 20cm - 5mt
  • Clips 20cm
Air Extraction Kit 25 cm
  • BLAUBERG BI-Turbo 25cm + cable - 1360m³/h
  • Carbon Filter 25cm (1500m3/h)
  • Flexible Ducting aluminium diam. 25cm - 5mt
  • Clips 25cm