Cellmax Rootbooster

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Ensure your young plant absorbs water and nutrients

Cellmax Rootbooster: Roots are importantas they ensure that your plant absorbs water and nutrients. The amino acids in Cellmax Root Booster guarantee swift growth of the roots in the initial phase. The trace elements and vitamins keep the roots healthy and strong.

Root Booster also offers protection against diseases affecting the roots.

Product Description:

Well stimulator young plants establish strong root system, helps the growth of young plants and protect young plants from diseases. Comprises amino acids to provide a good metabolism, resulting in the rapid development of the root which is particularly important during the first week of plantation. This powerful stimulator works better with low EU-value (0.5 to 1.2) and pure plant product and is suitable for cultivation in the ground, rockwool, NFT (water systems) and coconut fiber.

Ideal for potting young plants.

Works excelent with exotic plants like Palm and Olive trees.

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