The 5 best indoor grow LED lights

The 5 best indoor grow LED lights of 2022

We have often been asked for suggestions on which LED lights to buy for indoor growing. LED grow lights come in different types, so let's take a look at the pros and cons of each so you can find the right LED light for you:

Different types of LED grow lights

LED Grow Light Panels

Panels are the most common type of LED grow light, and the majority of our list will consist of LED panels. They include heatsinks to remove heat, a driver, and often come with a timer, though not all of them.

When you think of LED grow lights, an LED panel is more than likely to come to mind, as these are the only type of LED that is truly suitable for the entire life cycle of the plant.


Full spectrum with switches for both the vegetative and flowering phase that can combine together.
It is ready to be plugged directly into a standard household outlet.
Incredibly Long Lifespan: Bulbs typically last for decades.


LED panels are generally the most expensive on the market.

LED light bars

Many growers add LED bars as an easy way to increase lighting or change their light spectrum. LED bars are a single row of diodes available in different spectra.

Typically you wouldn't use an LED bar to grow a plant from seed to harvest. Instead, think of these as supplemental lighting to a main light source like an 'HPS.


They can replace T5 luminaires to increase PAR and reduce energy consumption
Some units are plug-and-play and can work with a standard household outlet.


They usually only have one spectrum with no switching options and need to be changed according to the growth cycle of the plant.
They can only be used for integration and you may need to purchase multiple bars if they are used as the only light source.

LED bulbs for crops

A grow LED bulb is exactly what it sounds like - a single LED bulb. Similar to LED bars, they cannot be used to grow plants throughout the cycle, having defined spectra for Growth or Flowering.

However, they can be a great way to grow small green leafy vegetables or start plants from germinating. You can quickly replace all your old CFL bulbs with LED bulbs, which will give you all the added benefits of LED grow lights.


They will fit into a standard light socket
Great as a booster and to combine to create your favorite spectrum


More bulbs are usually needed
A reflective hood may be required

But now let's see together the best LED grow lights selected by our team.


1. The best LED light for beginners

Lumatek Attis

Lumatek - Lampada Led Attis 200W

If you are a beginner, you may not need a very powerful LED light or even a top of the range LED. However that doesn't mean you have to buy a super cheap LED that will disappoint you with a lackluster harvest. We therefore offer you this efficient lamp with high performance and dimmable according to your needs. The Lumatek LED Attis provides a full spectrum (AGRO) of high-power LED light without costing an arm and a leg. The modern design minimizes heat thanks to the heat sink installed on the lamp and is also waterproof.

This is the best LED for beginners because it has many of the same advantages as high-end lights but takes up little space with a height of only 8.6cm. It is great for grow boxes from 40x40cm to 100x100cm. Spectrum-wise, it features a perfect blend of white and red LEDs, which contribute to the perfect spectrum for all stages from growth to flowering. The Lutatek LED Attis 200W is also powerful, emitting PPF: 460 mmol / and reaching an efficiency of 2.3 micromol / J.


PRO: Takes up little space and has a full AGRO spectrum which is suitable for both growth and flowering.

CONS: slightly above average price.


2. The best professional LED light


Sonlight - Lampada LED Force Plus

When it comes to power, there are some amazing LED options. This was a difficult choice because there are many powerful LED grow lights, but one was particularly notable for its high professional quality. Sonlight is one of the most scientific and sought after companies in the grow lighting industry and uses the best technologies to produce some of the best performing LED grow lights on the market. SONLIGHT Force Plus absorbs from 200/300/420 / 840W depending on the model chosen and works with 240volt current with schuko socket.

In addition to being dimmable, it can be connected in series via RJ cable and to a control unit ( not included, must be purchased separately) the 4D Master Controller that will allow you to choose the sunrise and sunset functions, check the set parameters (with relative warnings) and automatic shutdown in case of overheating. The full AGRO spectrum emits 3000K-6500K + RED 660nm / UV 395nm / IR 730nm. The LED chipsets are from Samsung. Depending on the model, they can cover a growing area from 40x40 up to 200x200cm.


PROS: A truly complete AGRO spectrum, simple installation PLUG & PLAY

CONS: heavy power supply and not too long power cord.


3. The best LED grow light for Quality / Price

HP LED Full Spectrum from Secret Jardin

Lampada HPLED 200W Full Spectrum - Secret Jardin

Seecret Jardin's HP LED lights are incredibly efficient - this choice was difficult, because smaller LED grow lights tend to work more efficiently than larger ones, so the playing field isn't quite level. Still, there is a new LED light that works with incredible efficiency, and once we thought about it it was the obvious choice.The Secret Jardin took the market by storm by producing its HP LED Full Spectrum, a very efficient lamp at a very competitive price. With its integrated power supply and Plug & Play ignition with 3m cable, it is also very convenient for small spaces. It has a degree of protection from humidity and dust of IP65.


PRO: built-in power supply, easy Plug & Play installation, 3m electric cable, passive cooling, resistant to water splashes and dust. separate.

CONS: not dimmable, aesthetically unpleasant, above average weight. They have separate spectra for Growth and Flowering, so you have to buy two lamps for the whole cycle


4. The most innovative LED Grow Light

Gavita - CT 2000e LED - 230-400V

This international brand never ceases to amaze us and introduces on the market a new LED lamp that is truly innovative in both design and performance. Built for hard work, it's compact, durable, and easy to clean unlike a rail-style device, with nooks and crannies. its robustness underlines high quality components to offer a high performance market segment you can count on with your eyes closed.


PROS: Impressive 2000 µmol / s output delivers more light while consuming up to a quarter less energy than a 1000W HPS DE device

CONS: unattractive design, heavy.


5. The cheapest LED Grow Light

Secret Jardin - Cosmorrow Led PPE L50cm

At just over 38 EUR, Secret Jardin's 20W LED can be used for micro growing, for autoflowering plants, or to implement the light spectrum of your grow box for the flowering phase or for the growth phase: they exist in fact in GROW format for vegetative and BLOOM format for flowering. If you are a small grower on a tight budget, and want to try LED technology, this could be a great product to start with. PPE LEDs, are among the most popular LED grow lights on our website right now.

If you are looking to save some money but still want to try your hand at this technology, this is the product for you. This light covers a cultivation space of 60x40cm and the degree of resistance to humidity and dust is IP65 therefore optimal against dust and water splashes.


PRO: produces very little heat and works with passive cooling. Lightweight and very economical, it is accessible to everyone with low electricity consumption.

CONS: Not very powerful for non-autoflowering and large plants. Only suitable for small spaces. Separate spectra based on the bar you buy.



Need help choosing an LED grow light? These are the best LED grow lights on our site in their category, but they may not be the best for you.

Each crop is unique and we recognize it! If you would like assistance in selecting an LED grow light or if you have questions about which one is best for you, contact our experts on 0692958411 or send us an email at

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