Essential Oil Extraction By Using Ice

Essential Oil Extraction With Ice

The essential oils or etheric oils are produced from extraction from vegetal and aromatic material, rich in essences.

In this section you will find all the accessories, extractors, washing machines and sieves for extraction by using a cold technique with ice. This procedure extracts the last resin secreting cells present in the vegetal material and the quantity obtained is about 2-5% of the total initial weight.


The Oils are usually extracted via distillation in flowing vapor which once cooled down permits the detachment of the essential oil from the water; in the case of the fruit epicarp of Citrus genre, the cold squeezing out is used (with ice).

The oils and the extracted resin are much used for aromatherapy in different ways:

  • for cutaneous use
  • for vaporization
  • for oral use

Depending on the final result you can get many benefits by means of aromatherapy. such as antibiotic effects, fungicides, bactericides, balsamic-expectorant, anesthetics, antispasmodic, etc. ...

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