Dexso Gas Organic Degreaser for extraction - 500ml

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Allows the extraction of a wider spectrum of lipophilic compounds than butane

Dexso Gas Organic Degreaser for extraction -  500ml 

Higher yield

The superior structure of the dimethyl ether molecule allows the extraction of a wider spectrum of lipophilic compounds than butane. This results in a much higher yield and superior extract quality, which preserves the plants' flavor. More, better, Dexso!



Dexso organic degreaser contains pure Dimethyl Ether. It is non-toxic, not carcinogenic and does not damage the enviroment. Dimethyl Ether is used as an extraction solvent in the food industry and for various purposes in the medical industry.


99.99% Pure

Dexso organic degreaser contains 99,99% pure Dimethyl Ether. Dimethyl Ether is an absolutely non-toxic, organic gas, and even the 0,01% impurities are non-toxic! Check our website for more information!


High efficiency

Dexso is the ultimate extraction solvent. It strips out all the lipophilic compounds, such as terpenes, almost instantly due to its greater solubility. This means with Dexso you’ll need less extraction solvent to produce better quality extract.


Faster process

The evaporation point of Dexso is much lower than the evaporation point of butane. This means that Dexso evaporates much faster, shortening the whole purging process by several hours.

Use the extra time and produce more esential oils.


Much safer

Due to its chemical structure, Dexso is much less explosive and hazardous than petroleum based solvents, for example butane. The lower explosion risk significantly increases the safety during the process. Stay safe, use Dexso!


Manufacturer DEXSO E.O.E SYSTEMS


Analisi del Gas Dexso D.M.E.
Scheda di Sicurezza Dexso D.M.E.

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