Roller Extractor is an extractor by BHO and essential oils in stainless steel of a high quality. Safe, efficient and lightweight, equipped with a cap, filter and all the accessories for a high quality...
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Make butane honey oil at home!

Roller Extractor BHO - Stainless Steel Oil Extraction Tube

The Roller Extractor BHO is an upgradeable sturdy extractor made of stainless steel with a brushed finish. Producing your own budder has never been easier. Simply fill with crushed buds and force some highly refined butane through it to obtain your home-made BHO. Available in various sizes.

Always perform extraction outdoors or in a very well-ventilated area, and DO NOT smoke while extracting, wear loose clothes or use near any open flame or sparks!

Made of tough medical-grade stainless steel with a sleek brushed finish, the Roller Extractor BHO tube is an easy way to make butane honey oil at home! The tube holds about 15 grams of plant material and its threaded ends fit the screw-on aluminum screen cap and gas-inlet cap. Six paper filters are included. All you need is butane gas (inexpensive and readily available), safety glasses and gloves, a Pyrex bowl or tray, and dry, finely ground herb. A quick video search will teach you all you need to know, but (we can't stress this enough) make sure to follow safety precautions to avoid blowing up the neighborhood!

  • Made in Spain
  • Medical-grade stainless steel
  • Sealed with rubber O-rings
  • Threaded screw-on aluminum caps
  • Instructions in English, Spanish and German
  • Recommended for use outdoors

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Roller Extractor BHO M150 - € 59,90
Roller Extractor BHO L200 - € 69,91
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