Nutrients Chilli Grow Kit - Spicey and flavoury hot fruits



Add piquancy to your hot chilli peppers: this Kit provides all you need for healthy plants and spicey and flavoury bountiful harvests.
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Chilli Grow Kit for even more Spicey and flavoury fruits

Complete Nutrients Kit for nourishing and feeding your chilli pepper plants.
All our nutrients Chilli Kit and Grow Chilli Kit can be configured clicking on “configure this kit” at the bottom of this page. 
In the configuration page you can remove or add useful products such as:

  • Automatic timers for Easy Light Control
  • Specific nutrients designed and created specifically for chilli growing to supplement calcium, magnesium, nitrogen, bat guano, worm humus, mycorrizae ect.
  • The germination grow box for the first stage of your chilli growing;
  • A wide range of grow lamps serving all colour spectrum: Neon Lamps up to 75Wm Energy Saving CFL lamps up to 300W, Led lights for growing and saving on your electricvity bill;
  • Useful accessories such as: plant labels to distinguish the varieties, Snips;
  • Books and guides for Chilli growers.

The "Nutrients Chilli Grow Kit - Spicey and flavoury hot fruits" includes:

Atami AtaOrganics Flavor 1L - Organic Fertilizer

Atami ATA Organic Flavour is a natural flavour and taste enhancer which contains molasses, use alongside Flower-C for the best results.

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  • Rating Luca 27/06/2017

    "meglio prodotti per peperoncini"

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