Chilli Germination Kit with CFL 85W - BASIC



Kit for indoor chilli germination, equipped with a CFL 85W Energy Saving Lamp and several tools for a complete and fun growing experience.

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Have Fun germinating the hottest chilli plants

This kit includes a CFL 85W Lamp.

Please remember that all our kits can be customised by clicking on the CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN INDOOR KIT below link.

In the Configuration page, you can chose, modify and select your preferred items according to your needs such as:

  • Automatic timers
  • Chilli specific nutrients
  • Germination Indoor grow box
  • Large selection of grow lamps with all colour spectrum: from Neon lamps to energy saving CFL lamps, Led light for low electricity bills.

The "Chilli Germination Kit with CFL 85W - BASIC" includes:

Dark Propagator DP90 Secret Jardin - Grow Box 90X60X90cm

The Dark Propagator DP90 by Secret Jardin , with its 90x60x90cm dimensions, is designed to be used as a seedling and cutting propagator box.

Root Riot 24 cube tray

Root Riot cubes are specially inoculated with micro nutrients to nourish the young plants, and also beneficial rooting fungi to aid root development.

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Growing Area 90x60
Number of plants 4-8
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