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The complete package contains the products of the best brands on the market, such as micro grow box 40x40x120cm in mylar with high reflection of light, ideal for indoor growing in small areas, formerl...
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New micro kit for Micro Growing with eco-save bulb

The Micro Growing Kit with 125W CFL + Mini Grow Box uses the soil as a substrate and is complete with all the accessories to grow indoors in very small spaces, micro growing.

We have selected "top quality" products with our experienced growers in order to get from your plants a guaranteed result at the end of the flowering cycle.

Growing in narrow areas has never been so easy

The micro-growing complete package contains the products of the best professional brands on the market, including mini grow box 40x40x120 in mylar at a high light reflection, ideal for growing indoors in very small spaces formerly unused; AGRO lighting (growth and flowering) with eco-save CFL lamp and air treatment with a fan for the extraction of hot and exhausted air. In addition, this kit is easy to assemble, just follow the instruction booklet, it will take only a few minutes.

This micro kit with grow box includes all you need to start an indoor and productive micro-cultivation:

  • Mylar Grow Box with a high light-reflectance (95% CRX)
  • Indoor lighting
  • Timing lights
  • Air Treatment
  • Dutch Soil
  • Specific fertilizers

Perfect for Cuttings, Germination and Small Autoflowering Plants

Thanks to this indoor micro growing kit, you can grow cuttings and seedlings in a controlled environment! You can also grow bonsai autoflowering plants using the AGRO lamp for growth and flowering which is included in this complete pack.

PC Grow Box VS Micro Growing

The aim is to bring in a more practical and secure environment the Micro Growing, a discreet and productive cultivation technique (if done in a right way). Compared to the grow box pc, "camouflage" but not so practical, the Micro Indoor Growing Kit includes a mini grow box (40x40x120cm) higher than the case of a normal computer and lined with top quality materials, specifically adapted for indoor growing, such as the diamond high reflection of light mylar, sleeves for the fans and screened windows for the passive passage of the air (essential factor which often produces mold and rot) and double removable bottom to keep the grow box clean.

Furthermore, the whole kit with grow box is easy to assemble and re-close, customized according to personal needs, the box can easily accommodate a 130W micro LED Apollo 4, impossible to use in a PC-case.

Why Cultivating with our growing micro kit?

There are many reasons to choose our soil micro kit, the most important is that it allows you to make micro growing and grow up autoflowering
in a discreet way:

  • Inside are all the products needed to cover the complete life cycle of plants from germination to flowering;
  • Ideal for cuttings and germination;
  • The products inside are selected among the best top quality brands;
  • Set up grow Box in High Quality Mylar;
  • Easy to assemble;
  • Production cycle in "micro" spaces

If you are a "novice" grower and you're starting to grow for the first time you will find very useful our guide for soil growing.


The "Micro Kit Soil 125W CFL + Grow Box" includes:

Hydro Shoot 40x40x120 by Secret Jardin

The new Hydro Shoot range of tents provides an excellent growing environment at an affordable price for price-conscious buyers. Easy to set up, both to assemble and dismantle, the Hydro Shoot grow box range offers flexibility and a range of size options. Using 95% reflective Mylar internally, it’s an incredible value for money option.

SonKIT FLUO 125W Red - 2700°K

Kit with Compact FLUO energy saving lamp with integrated ballast 125W (no separate ballast is required for these light) for theflowering phase 2700°K consist of: - 125 Watt Compact Fluo, approximately 12,000 lumens. - Reflector NEW STUCO with E-40 version especially designed for Fluo lamps.- Connector cable 4 mt with plug and fusible.Benefits of SONKIT Fluo are: Low temperature, High luminosity, Low power consumption.

Segmental Timer STEP 15min

Budget Plug in Timer Switch - 24 Hour - Segmented Dial.(15 minute segments)

Square Pot 1,7L - 12x12x13cm (4 pz.)

By using square pots, you can really make the most of your floor space and avoid the wasted “in-between” space that is inevitable when using round pots. Square Pot 1,7L - 12x12x13cm


BioBizz LIGHT MIX is the ideal substrate for organic growers who want to control their plants growth by applying liquid fertilizers, right from the initial growing stage.

Atami B'Cuzz Soil A+B 2x1L

Professional bio-mineral nutrition without waste substances. Stabilises the biological balance in all soil substrates. Saves 20 to 40% of the nutrition solution. Only to be used in combination with B’cuzz Soil Nutrition B. Atami recommends use of biostimulators for maximum results. Application The A- and B concentrates may only be mixed in combination with water. NPK Soil Nutrition A: 4-0-4

In-line Extractor fan BLAUBERG TUBO-10cm 102m³/h

In-line Extractor fan TUBO-100

Digital Combo Thermo-Hygrometer

Digital indoor Thermometer with Hygrometer.Check the maximum or minimum temperature and humidity by the touch of a button, simply and effective. Supplied with instructions for use.

Schuko Plug + 2 Meters Cable

Schuko Plugwith 2 Meters Cable.

Customize your own indoor growing kit

Watt 125 W
Lamp Type CFL AGRO (Crescita e Fioritura)
Dimensions 40 x 40 x 120 Cm
Growing Area 40x40
Number of plants 1-2
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