Indoor Growing Kit for Mother plants



Indoor Growing Kit for Mother plants: in this kit you will find all necessary tools to keep healty and strong your mother plants, preparing them to future cloning and cutting
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Keep your favourite plants healthy and ready for cutting and cloning

Indoor Growing Kit for Mother plants: in this kit you will find all necessary tools to keep healty and strong your mother plants, preparing them to future cloning and cutting

What is a mother plant?

A mother plant is a plant kept in perennial vegetative stage: cuts can be taken by the main mother plant to create numerous “child” genetically identical.

Nutrients for mother plants

In this kit, nutrients and enzyme, specifically designed for feeding the mother plant during the vegetative stage are included: thanks to the these, you can feed your plants with the right NPK nutrients, facilitating their Grow phase. The enzyme will help in keeping the substrate active and clear from the excess of minerals, degrading the dead vegetable material and creating space for the roots.

Micro Grow Box

This kit also includes the Mammoth PRO 40 (40x40x120cm) grow box, covered with a high diffusion coefficient material ultra-thick 210D Mylar that created a fully insulated growing area where to grow your plants comfortably and safely.

Phitostimulating Grow Led

The phitostimulating Grow Led is included in this kit and uses new generation LED technology with 3W diodes each and 120° degrees lens: it covers a large surface offering high lighting performance, with minimal power absorption to reduce your electricity bill. Moreover, it generates less heath than normal HPS-MH lamps. It does not require a ballast and can be easily plugged into a E27 socket ( included).

The "Indoor Growing Kit for Mother plants" includes:

Mammoth Lite Micro + - 45x45x120cm

Mammoth Lite Micro + - 45x45x120cm is suitable for the cultivation of small plants as well as for their maintenance. It's easy to assembly without requiring tools.

Sonlight PAR38 Grow Led lamp + E27 + 2mt Schuko cable

The indoor light kit with LED Sonlight PAR38 Grow Booster is energy saving, ready to use kit for your indoor growing area, grow box and grow tent, that can be used during the germination and vegetative growing stage of plants.

Segmental Timer STEP 15min

Budget Plug in Timer Switch - 24 Hour - Segmented Dial.(15 minute segments)

Square Pot 2,4L - 13x13x18cm (2 pz.)

By using square pots, you can really make the most of your floor space and avoid the wasted “in-between” space that is inevitable when using round pots.

ATAMI Janeco Light-Mix Soil 20L

Janecomix is a lightly fertilised soil enriched with perlite and starter nutrients. The lightly fertilised soil contains starter nutrients to enable plants to immediately begin growing exuberantly. After the successful start, Atami advises to re-fertilise the plants with liquid fertiliser for an optimal result.

CellMax Soil Grow   Mix 1L


In-line Extractor fan BLAUBERG TUBO-10cm 102m³/h

In-line Extractor fan TUBO-100

Digital Combo Thermo-Hygrometer

Digital indoor Thermometer with Hygrometer.Check the maximum or minimum temperature and humidity by the touch of a button, simply and effective. Supplied with instructions for use.

Schuko Plug + 2 Meters Cable

Schuko Plugwith 2 Meters Cable.

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Product list Sonlight
Watt 36 W
Lamp Type LED
Manufacturer Sonlight
Dimensions 40 x 40 x 120 Cm
Growing Area 40x40
Number of plants 1-2
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