Complete 100% Organic Kit + Grow Box For Indoor Growing

Thanks To This Kit You Will Have Natural Organic Vegetables

In this section, you will find our kits for organic indoor growing complete with Grow Room (or cultivation room) which include composts and 100% organic fertilizers that do not have any trace or chemical mineral which can alter the natural content of vegetables, salads and fruits.

Organic farming is getting more and more popular and required due to the proliferation of wild crops exclusively dominated by the logic of profit. Growing indoor your favorite fruits and vegetables with organic and natural food means having always safe food to eat everyday.

Some Hints on Organic Farming

Organic farming means to follow a model of agricultural production that manages to avoid excessive exploitation of natural resources, of soil, water and air by using them in a framework of sustainable development over time. Organic farming exclude the use of synthetic chemicals (pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides in general). Selecting plant species that are resistant to diseases and appropriate techniques of cultivation you will prevent your crop from any illness. Nowadays, it is even more difficult to eat in a healthy way because of an agricultural exploitation that allows a misuse of chemicals in cultivation. Thanks to our 100% organic growing packs, it is possible to produce indoors, fruits and vegetables directly into the grow room and especially in a natural way. The fertilizers included in the package are organic certified and also guarantee to an inexperienced grower a successful result.

The best products for an organic garden

The soil growing is one of the most classic techniques of cultivation and at the same time also one of the simplests. However, to achieve significant results the soil also needs some attention, but it will be enough to follow the basic rules of cultivation in soil from our guide. The products included in the Organic kit have been selected from the best organic products on the market to make an organic garden at home.

 Simple Kit even for "Novice" Growers

Inside you'll find only organic fertilizers and organic soil that assure a large harvest at the end of the cycle also for a novice grower. Our indoor organic kits are suitable for any type of plant, and for those who work with the cuttings, just soak the cuttings into the root stimulator and that's all!

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