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Indoor Soil Kit PRO 250W with Grow Box included is a complete kit, even for autoflowering plants, with all the tools to start with an indoor growing as real professional growers. Complete with air tre...
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Customised Indoor Growing Kit - Set Up Grow Box

 Indoor Soil Kit 250w + Grow Box - PRO is complete with all the tools to start with an indoor growing, from germination to flowering stage, as real professional growers.

We have selected "top quality" products with our experienced growers to get from your plants a guaranteed result at the end of the flowering cycle.

Growing indoors with soil

The complete package contains the products of the best professional brands on the market, including mylar grow box suitable for all the included accessories, complete air treatment with smell filtering and soil fertilizer for the whole cycle. Moreover, this kit is easy to assemble, just follow the instruction booklet, it will take only a few minutes.

The grow box kit includes everything you need to begin a productive indoor growing:

  • Mylar Grow Box with a high light-reflectance (95% CRX)
  • Indoor lighting
  • Timing lights
  • Air Treatment
  • Dutch Soil
  • Specific fertilizers

Guaranteed Results Autoflowering Plants

How to grow autoflowering plants in the grow room? It is very simple! This type of plants need a lamp for autoflowering as the one included in this complete pack and a constant photoperiod of light (18-20 hours per day).

Why Growing indoor With our Kit PRO?

There are many reasons to choose our soil kits:

  • Inside you will find all the needed products to cover the complete life cycle of plants from germination to the flowering one;
  • the products inside are selected among the best quality brands;
  • The Indoor Sonlight lamps coupled with these hps chargers ensure a greater efficiency and therefore guaranteed energy savings;
  • Set Up Grow Box with high reflectance diamond Mylar
  • Easy to assemble

If you are a "novice" grower and you're starting to grow for the first time you will find our guide very useful for soil growing.

The "Indoor Soil Kit 250w + Grow Box - PRO" includes:

Mammoth Ivory 60x60x140cm - Growbox

The new Mammoth Ivory serie is of high quality and is grouped under the better-quality tents Mammoth provides. Unique to this line Grow Tents is very highly reflective TPU White Canvas , which entails a reflection grade of 95%.

250W AGRO Kit Sonlight

The Indoor Light Kit Complete With 250w AGRO Lamp includes everything you need to light up your grow box. The Agro Kit includes: a 250w hps charger, Long Gloss Reflector, Wire and Extension Cable.

Segmental Timer STEP 15min

Budget Plug in Timer Switch - 24 Hour - Segmented Dial.(15 minute segments)

Square Pot 6,5L - 18x18x23cm (4 pz.)

By using square pots, you can really make the most of your floor space and avoid the wasted “in-between” space that is inevitable when using round pots.

Mega Pack B'Cuzz TERRA

Mega Pack of fertilizers ATAMI B'cuzz.   Consisting of::-B'cuzz Roots Stimulator 250ml Atami B'cuzz Earth 2x1L B'cuzz Atazyme 1L Atami P-K Booster 1L 13-14 Atami B'cuzz AtaClean 250ml

Generic pH- 1L

Generic pH- contains Phosphoric acid to reduce the pH value of the nutrient solution during the flowering period.Our pH adjustment solutions are specially prepared for use in hydroponics. They are extremely concentrated and care should be taken when in use. Please pay special attention whilst handling these products as they can be hazardous if used incorrectly.

PH Test Kit Liquid 20ml - PRO

The pH test indicator is perfect for easy pH level testing, covering a wide range, from 4.0 to 8.5.Simply fill the test-tube supplied halfway with nutrient solution, add 3 drops of pH Test Indicator, shake and observe the resulting colour. Compare with the colour chart to check your pH level.Very reliable, simple to use and cheap, the pH test kit advantageously replaces the expensive digital pH meters.Good for a minimum of 200 tests per kit.

Customize your own indoor growing kit

Watt 250 W
Lamp Type AGRO (Crescita e Fioritura)
Plants 2-4
Manufacturer Silverbox
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  • Rating 16/07/2014

    "It is a very efficient soil kit, particularly because of all the tools I found inside. It doesn''t require a lot of time and energy. Thumb up!!"

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