Bathroom Fan - Blauberg Brise 100mm 53 m3/h



Blauberg Brise Platinum 100mm it's a silent fan for bathroom, kitchen, shower, warm air etc.
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Blauberg Fan with low decibel and high power

Bathroom extractor fan Blauberg Brise Platinum 100mm is a silent fan for domestic use in blind bathrooms, kitchen or shower.

About this bathroom extractor fan

This inline fan for bathroom's ventilation is a silent extractor with a very low decibel levels but with a great power:

  • Duct diameter: 10 cm
  • Voltage, [V] 220-240
  • Power: [W] 2.7
  • Air capacity: [m³/h] 53
  • Noise level: [dB(A) 3m] 21

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Bathroom Extractor Fans - Blauberg Brise 100mm 53 m3/h - € 75,90

Product list Blauberg
Watt 2,7 W
Extract capacity 53 m3/h
Diameter 10 Cm
Manufacturer Blauberg
dBA / 3mt 21
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