Extractor Fan Kit - Blauberg Aero Still 100 With Thermostat



Kit Extractor Fan With Blauberg Aero Still 100mm, Thermostat, Duct and Grates. it's a silent fan for bathroom, kitchen, shower, warm air etc.
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Complete air Extraction Kit with thermostat, duct and grates.

This extractor fan kit includes Blauberg Aero Still 100 and is also complete of thermostat, duct and grates. This silent fan blows away bad smells, fume and warm air from your blind bathrooms, kitchens and offices.

Air Extraction Kit includes

This kit complete of a silent fan and thermostat includes:

  • Blauberg Aero Still 100 fan
  • Thermostat
  • Circle grate
  • Square grate
  • Duct

Blauberg Aero Still 100 Features

This silent fan can be used for every domestic environment and presents the following features:

  • Duct diameter: 10 cm
  • Voltage, [V] 220-240
  • Power: [W] 5,5
  • Air capacity: [m³/h] 84
  • Noise level: [dB(A) 3m] 25
  • R.P.M.(min-1): 2300

Product list Blauberg
Extract capacity 84 m3/h
Diameter 10 Cm
Manufacturer Blauberg
dBA / 3mt 25
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  • Rating Themistocles Cristidis 24/03/2014

    "Fantastic extractor kit for blind bathrooms"

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Buy Extractor Fan Kit - Blauberg Aero Still 100 84m3/h - With Thermostat + Blauberg BI-Turbo 15cm + cable - 520m³/h + Fan Silencer 125mm

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