Ozone generator /Ozonizer OZOTRES 15W (CLASS 1) 30M2



The new range of ozone generators by OZOTRES are developed to clean the air flowing along a duct extraction. This Spanish company manufactures devices that generate ozone and offers us a great quality...
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remove odours while sterilizing air in your grow tent

With this electric appliance, you will clean the air in enclosed spaces, placing it in the wall about 2 meters approx. the built ventilation equipment will distribute the generated ozone molecules that will eliminate the microorganisms that form the odor and the result will be decontaminated and clean air of germs, fungi, bacteria, virus etc.

Ozone generation has application in the removal of odours and sterilize the air. Ozone: unlike scented deodorants, oxygenates microorganisms or contaminants that cause odour, not mask.


Ozotres system uses lamp Ozone Generator (not UV). The ozone molecule after being generated is transformed into oxygen with a lifetime of fifteen minutes, this process produces no risk of danger to people, definitely a great choice.

  • Destroys odor without masking
  • Removes viruses, bacteria and fungi from the air we breathe
  • Ecologic, low power consumption
  • Remove bad odors, organic and inorganic, snuff, garbage, kitchen, moisture, bathrooms, locker rooms, etc.

We can use for example: pet animals, indoors with influx of public, indoor growing areas.

The format of the equipment and the production of ozone are aimed at purifying the air flowing through the duct. A great alternative to charcoal carbon filters, since you can place it directly in extraction systems 125mm duct, and 100% eliminate the smell that can go outside. No need to put more filters.


  • Brand Ozotres
  • Model: Class 1
  • Consumption: 15W
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Ozone Output: 250 mg / O3 / Hs
  • Max: 30 m³
  • Ideal for wall mounting
  • Dimensions: 125x250mm
  • Weight: 2.5kg

Product list Ozotres
Watt 15 W
Growing area 30 m²
Manufacturer Ozotres
Dimensions 12,5x25 Cm
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