Sweet Cicely Seeds (Myrrhis Odorata) by Sementi Dotto

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flowers beautifully, smells divine

Sweet Cicely (Myrrhis odorata) is an attractive plant that is a striking component of herb gardens and hedgerows. 
This early flowering perennial is renowned for its aniseed taste and fragrance. Growing to a height of 90cm, umbels of tiny white flowers appear from spring to early summer. The fern-like leaves are deeply divided and smell of aniseed when crushed. 

Sweet Cicely was formerly a widely cultivated culinary herb, but now only occasionally grown in the herb garden. As a culinary herb it is a valuable sweetener, especially for diabetics and for the many people who are trying to reduce their sugar intake. Used in many savory as well as sweet dishes, it gives a delightful flavour and helps to save almost half the sugar needed. 


Sweet Cicely has been used in medicine for centuries, all parts of this herb were used. 
It is good for the digestive system and a wonderful tonic herb, it will lift the spirits and banish gloomy thoughts. The volatile oils and flavonoids in the plant are antiseptic and will purify the blood, act as a carminative and improve appetite.
The ripe seeds can be chewed as an aid to digestion and a tea made from the chopped leaves is said to soothe the stomach. A tisane can be made with 1 tsp of dried (1tbsp fresh) leaves to 1 cup of boiling water. Steep the leaves in the water for 10 to 15 minutes then strain and drink a small cup three times a day.

Cultivation and Growing Information

Sweet Cicely seeds like many others germinate easily when they are fresh from the plant. As they dry out the germination inhibitors develop and need a period of cold to help break them down.
They are easiest grown when sown directly outdoors in a seedbed in autumn. The seeds require several months of cold winter temperatures to germinate. Keep a check on the compost to make sure it does not dry out. 
Thin the seedlings in the outdoor bed as necessary (eat the thinnings) and transplant the young plants into their final positions in the following spring.

Seeding: March-April and September-October

Blooming: May-December

Guaranteed quality:  Sementi Dotto seeds

Sementi Dotto was founded in 1963 as a family-run farm specialized in the field of vegetable seeds and gardening products. SEMENTI DOTTO is present in the hobby sector with a wide range of products for gardening care and with a complete line of products for small pets. In addition, since Sementi Dotto is always heedful to changing market conditions and environmental sensitivity, with “L’Orto Biologico” line it also offers a wide range of vegetable seeds and seeds for sprouts obtained exclusively from organic farming which include the use of agricultural adjuvants not harmful to the environment.

The primary objective of the company is to achieve total quality, entering the market with high-grade products, advanced packaging, cutting-edge logistics services, promotional activities, careful and qualified customer service, efficient internal processes, maintaining the balance of a large organization without sacrificing the traditional quality values for which it is famous.

Net weight sachet: 0.6gr


Manufacturer Sementi Dotto

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