ROOT!T - Natural Rooting Sponges - 50 cubes



ROOTIT Natural Rooting Sponges in a pack of 50 cubes, are an innovation in propagation that maximizes the success of rooting.
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Sponges for Natural Rooting

ROOTIT Natural Rooting Sponges in packs of 50 cubes, are organic and completely biodegradable cubes. Root Riot cubes are a new, easy-to-use organic propagation medium, developed to make seed germination and cuts quick and easy. The 50 cubes are ready to use and with easy instructions to allow even novice gardeners to succeed in the propagation of plants.

The comfortable and functional cubes are created with organic composted materials, inoculated with micro nutrients to feed young plants and fungi, useful to help the development of roots. The "spongy" structure of the cubes maintains the exact relationship between water and air necessary for a healthy and rapid root growth. When the new born will be ready to be planted, it will suffice to transfer them easily, complete with a biodegradable cube, in the soil or in another culture medium without any problem for the roots.

Ideal for:

  • Germinations of seeds
  • Propagation of cuttings

Size: 4cm Cubes


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