Eazy Plug Tray 77 cubes

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Specially formulated for optimum seeds germination or rapid rooting of cuttings.

Eazy Plug Tray with cubes is specially formulated for optimum germination of seeds or rapid rooting of cuttings. It is composed of a mixture of peat, coir dust, fertilizer and other basic components. This organic hydroponics product will help keep the media hydrated and prevent drying out.

  • Plugs are stabilized and made from organic material
  • A predetermined Ph and EC value with buffering
  • Open structure allowing an always correct balance of water and air
  • Water buffering properties
  • Faster and more vigorous rooting
  • Basic fertilizer for the first 2-3 weeks
  • Compatible with coco coir, rockwool, soil or any other medium
  • Ready to use
  • In case of dehydration easy and quick water retention
  • 100% compostable

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